KiDo Yoga Teacher Training 24t

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Utdannelse i Barneyoga - KiDo Yoga Teacher Training 24 Timer Level 1 (recognized as a Yoga Alliance RCYS)

In this teacher training program, all of the tools and training necessary to get you moving towards becoming a kids yoga teacher are offered. This is the level 1 out of a 4 levels program.

Date: September 16-18, 2016 9:30am-5:30pm

Fee: 5800nok

Schedule 24H

Day One

• Introduction to KiDo Yoga Lineage - Yogic Arts for Kids, a blend of Astanga Yoga and Martial Arts

• Seated Asanas with YogaRhymes for younger kids as a circular class - KiDo rhyming way of teaching seated poses for ages 2.5 and older

• Pranayama Practice - lead by example, learn adult practice, teach simple concepts -Building the solid base of breath control as an adult practice.

• Yogic Life Lecture -Advice for living a Powerful Life

• Universal Teaching Formula-All the how to’s of teaching kid’s yoga

Day Two

• Pranayama Practice-Continued practice of adult breath control to deepen our adult practice.

• Sample KiDo Kids Yoga Class using a Seated Asanas set -Experience what a KDKY class looks like

• Warrior Salutation with YogaRhymes for a well-rounded kids yoga class - Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara) for ages 4 and older

• Games for a Kid’s Yoga class-Games grouped by age and content as well as how to invent more

• Anatomy for Children-Introduction to simple anatomy that can be used to teach children

Day Three

• Pranayama Practice-Continued practice of adult breath control to lock in the knowledge

• Sample KiDo Kids Yoga Class using the Warrior Salutation -Building familiarity of what a KDKY class looks like

• Chanting and Aromatherapy -Singing in a yoga circle with essential oils for relaxation in a kid’s class

• Stories of Asanas -The stories behind the yoga poses from Indian Epic Literature

• Stories with Visuals -Incorporating story and visual props into a kids yoga class

• Testing and Teaching-Each student will have the opportunity to teach a mini class with


Adult with basic athletic ability and all levels of yoga experience are welcome.

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About Heather
Heather Kamala, director at KiDo Kids School and creator of KiDoKids Yoga, the Kids Division of Yogic Arts, travels throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas teaching children and their grownups how to play yoga. She has written over 100 YogaRhymes as a manual for teachers with videos, songs and illustrated stories. She designs yoga clothing for the Kamala Line of Tokyo with Nagayoga.