Class 1: The Phoenix Flow | Functional Master Flow
The phoenix, as a mythical being that has the transformative power to bring upon personal growth andrenewal. In this master class we will explore the endless possibilities and minor shifts within our bodiesand minds to rise beyond our own limits! This master class has it all; a creative flow, mobility and strength drills, and functional movement. You willget a sneak peak into my own practice which sets my body and mind to follow my heart fully into who Iwish to be in this world on a daily basis. This class aims to make the discomfort of growth and progress awelcoming and loved process through powerful intentions paired with an!out-of-the-box” flow tophysically foster the growth mindset.
Class 2: Smarter Shoulders for Backbends
Learn the physiology of your shoulders and how it relates to your backbends. This class will incorporateshoulder openers and strengtheners to make your backbends more functional while building morestability. Using tools from my Body Smart Yoga Shoulder Program, this flow will leave you feeling moreaware of proper shoulder engagements for your body while exploring the heart opening postures you lovein a new light.As you flow through this open level class, we will debunk the common myths you hear about shoulderrotation and engagement. Your shoulders, like your hips, are not linear. We will focus on how to engageyour muscles without over straining them and help you increase shoulder strength and mobility to betterunderstand your own practice and help you safely move through each asana.
Class 3: Intelligent Inversions
Let´s get over the fear of inverting and bring a playful and smart approach to your inversions. We will divedeep into the anatomy of your inversion practice, learn proper engagement of our supporting muscles tooptimize the growth of your inversion practice. Learn some of my secret tips and tricks for a healthy, safeand FUNctional practice.This workshop is open to all levels. We will flow to warm up the body, followed by some of my favoritedrills to build a more consistent inversion and end with some of the most effective cool downs to fosterlongevity and recovery to maintain a healthy balance in body and mind.
Class 4: School of Arm Balance
Arm balances are a fun component to the yoga practice. Whether you’re starting with your first armbalance or a seasoned flyer, your arm balances are intended to bring joy and lightness into your space.This workshop is meant to reignite that joy by giving you the tools to build a sustainable and seamlesspractice through functional drills and movements, that are backed by science, to help you flow freely into your arm balances. This workshop is open to all levels and will help you better understand your practice as well as give you the confidence to share these cues, drills and flows with others.
Class 5: Smarter Hips
Our hips are an integral part of body function, especially for our backs and knees. This class is based offof my recently released Body Smart Yoga: Hips Program. We will start with a hip mobility warm up, thenlead into a creative flow full that incorporates drills and breakdowns hip postures. Throughout this open level class, you will feel and move through different kinds of evidence basedstretches and drills that are unique to a typical yoga class. There will also be a full self assessment of endrange hip mobility to feel the difference in your hips from beginning to end of practice.


6 - 9pm: Phoenix Flow (master class) 


10am - 1pm: Smarter shoulders for backbend

2 - 5pm: Intelligent inversions


10am - 1pm: School of arm balances

2 - 5pm: Smarter Hips


TIME: May 13th-15th 

PLACE: HiYoga Aker Brygge

PRICE: NOK 2700 for all 5 workshops or NOK 600 pr. workshop

Registration is binding



I began teaching yoga in 2007 while pursuing a dual master degree in medical pharmacology and cardio pulmonary surgery. Ultimately, I realized I had a greater purpose in life: to help more people through the power of Yoga.With my knowledge of anatomy and science, I
developed Body Smart Yoga (BSY): a style of yoga that helps heal injuries along with increasing functional strength, flexibility and emotional intelligence. My ultimate mission is to empower my students to find a deeper awareness of their physical and emotional bodies through detailed self assessment, injury prevention and to break through their selflimiting beliefs.





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